Absolute capital efficiency for the OP Superchain DeFi ecosystem.
All assets - One intuitive UI.

Ionic is a powerful infra solution that brings easy access to lending & borrowing for any DeFi asset across the OP Superchain.

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Use Cases

Ionic's capabilities extend the OP Superchain ecosystem to new depths:

Leveraged Assets

Leveraged lending result in deeper liquidity, less mercenary LPing, higher TVL, and more utility for your users. Get leverage on your favorite Assets.

Yield Optimization

Compound and maximize your earning yields by utilizing Ionic's money market infra - battletested, improved and audited for full security.

Ecosystem Stability

We provide robust lending and borrowing for OP Superchain ecosystem. Enhance your earnings by providing liquidity for the networks environment.


Ionic supports a variety of assets, constantly increasing its pools.


At Ionic, we believe in pushing boundaries and setting new standards.

Unrivaled Asset Support

We support the largest set of assets, including yield bearing assets in the future, allowing access to the full range of DeFi and TradFi strategies.

Advanced Safety Features

Our focus on advanced security features go beyond industry standards, ensuring the safety of all assets, pools and transactions is guaranteed.

Capital Efficiency

Ionic introduces ultimate capital efficiency by providing optimal utilization of available liquidity at all times, while maintaining over collateralized lending.

Yield Compounding

Ionic enables yield compounding across various assets to enable advanced DeFi strategies and earning opportunitites.

Points System2

Mode Network's launch and incentive program based on point systems will be amplified by Ionic's own launch Point System, with a 'Points Squared' scenario emerging for users.

Points provide a quantitative answer to the question of how much a user has contributed to the app and its ecosystem’s success. Points can be earned in two ways on Ionic. As more features are added to the product, new ways of earning points may appear as well.

On Ionic users can earn points by lending and borrowing assets and referring new users. These points are all equal but some actions have higher points earning potential than others. For instance, ONE lending point = ONE borrowing point but any borrowing point can be earned with less capital.


All the supply positions earn points proportionally to the dollar value deposited.


Borrows rewarded more than a simple supply on every dollar borrowed.


Supply and borrow points are counted separately and stacked.


Ionic is backed by partners who share our vision of revolutionizing digital finance and fintech technology.


Ionic’s focus on security is backed by experienced partners

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